Johanna D.C.

Jewelry + Art + Design

Upcoming events:
Gartenzauber at Gut Bissenbrook from May 3rd to 5th 2024
VIP Klunker und Klönen - jewelry exhibition on May 26th 2024 from 1pm-6pm in Hamburg (invite only)

My Works

At the beginning it is an idea – this ought not be the end. To create and craft jewelry in handwork is for me an art process - inspirational and creative. Down below is selection of my products. (For more information just click on the photo.)



Gold, silver, gemstone - out of gallant things, gallant things are created. The combination with other materials and metals constitutes an enriching experiment to me. The results are ambitious, time-consuming, unique pieces and very mini collections of products - modest and sophisticated on the one hand, noticeably extravagant on the other hand, adequate for daily use, handmade and in every case special.



Water is important to me, I want to have it constantly around me – be that in the northern Germany where I live and work, as well as in other countries I am visiting. I am excited to discover new things and develop ideas for my creations out of it. Jewelry is a luxury. To create it is a luxurious pleasure - for me.



In interest on my works or an individual made jewelry contact me.
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